Managing Your Billing Settings



We are in the process of migrating all credit card customers to our new credit card billing experience.

This article refers to the new billing experience. If your account hasn't been migrated to the new experience, please refer to the following articles for support:

Choozle offers one recurring monthly subscription for $99 per month. With the subscription, you gain access to the following:

  • Choozle's digital advertising software platform
  • Creation of unlimited advertiser accounts
  • Powerful analytics and dashboard reporting
  • Access to 60-plus premium third-party data providers
  • Personal support & online learning

We require a healthy budget of $15,000 in media spend per quarter.

Real-time bidding (RTB) advertising campaigns are based on CPMs (cost per 1,000 impressions). When getting set up with Choozle, we offer two payment options. Your payment option determines when and how you pay Choozle.

  1. Monthly Invoicing 
  2. Prepaid Balance via Credit Card

Monthly Invoicing

Some businesses may be eligible for monthly invoicing if they meet certain requirements. With this option, you accrue costs first, then receive a monthly invoice for the campaign spend incurred in the previous month, along with any subscription charges and other fees associated with paid features.

It's important to complete the payment to Choozle within the agreed-upon timeframe.

For any questions regarding invoicing arrangements, feel free to contact Choozle’s finance and accounting department.

Prepaid Balance via Credit Card

With the prepaid balance option, you pay before your ads run, adding funds to a prepaid balance. As your ads run and you accrue costs, your account balance will decrease daily.

Initial Charge

To enable campaigns and ad groups, you must be initially charged for a funding amount, which adds funds to the account’s prepaid balance. The minimum for this first account balance fill-up is $500.

Ongoing Charges

As you accrue campaign spend, Choozle automatically deducts the amount from your prepaid balance each day. When you reach a preset amount (your minimum balance), Choozle will require payment to refill the prepaid balance to avoid disrupting running campaigns.

You have two options for maintaining positive account balances:

  1. Auto-refill: You're automatically charged when you reach a preset amount (your minimum balance). When setting up a new account, auto-refill is set to ON by default, with the option of turning it off. If turned off, the account balance must be monitored closely, and funds must be added when appropriate to maintain campaign delivery. If the account budget is not funded, running ad groups will be disabled.
  2. Manually Add Funds: You pay when you want for any current or future campaign costs. Regardless of your refill settings, you can always manually add funds to your account. The minimum amount you can add manually is $100.

When creating an account in Choozle, the account’s billing setup and balance settings must be completed before enabling campaigns and ad groups. This step includes adding initial funds to the prepaid balance and determining balance settings, which may include agreeing to an auto-refill.

Note: If the advertiser account balance drops below $0 or remains below the minimum balance for longer than 24 hours, the advertiser account’s campaigns will be disabled until the account balance is funded.

Credit Card Billing Set Up

To set up your credit card in the Choozle platform, follow these steps. You can also follow the steps outlined in this video.

  1. Navigate to the Org Billing Tab. If you can’t view this, contact your organization's administrator.
  2.  Add a default payment method for the organization. This will be the organization's default payment method. You can add payment methods for specific advertisers under Ad Account Billing.
  3. Navigate to Ad Account Billing for your selected advertiser account. Upon initial setup, you will be prompted to:
    1. Select or add a default payment method
    2. Choose an amount to fund your account initially.
    3. Select your balance refill settings.
  4. You can easily see and set your active payment card for each advertiser. Unless a different one is selected, all advertiser accounts will inherit the organization’s default payment method.
  5. Manage your balance settings. Auto-Refill is turned on by default. Set your desired refill amount. If no funds are available in your account, you can manually add funds now.
    1. Auto-refill is recommended for easy campaign management. When your account hits $500, Choozle will refill your account balance using the default payment method.
    2. Prefer not to use auto-refill settings? You can turn this off and manually add funds to your account. With auto-refill turned off, monitoring your remaining account balance is important to ensure campaigns remain fully funded.

Subscription Fee

During registration, you will enter the required details to create your “Organization Account” and subsequent “Advertiser Accounts.” A credit card is required to activate your subscription and ensure you have continued access to your account and the platform. At the time of registration, you will not be charged a prorated fee for the remaining days left in the month, nor see an inflated charge at the beginning of the next billing month. You will be charged $99 for the platform fee on the first day of the following month you register your account

After your first month of usage, your subscription plan will automatically renew on the first of the following month, and you will be charged the full amount of your subscription. Your Subscription Plan will renew automatically and continue month-to-month.

Account Cancellation

Account cancellation can be done in-platform. Navigate to Account Settings on the desired account and select Request to Cancel Account.

We process account cancellations two business days before your subscription renewal date. Since all accounts in Choozle renew on the first of the month, your cancellation request will be processed at the end of the month in which your request is received to ensure you get the most out of your subscription, but you won't incur any additional charges. All advertiser accounts must request cancellation in-platform if an organization account wishes to cancel entirely. Please contact the Support Center if you have any questions regarding account cancellation.

Please extract any reports from your account before processing your cancellation request. We also ask that you remove the Choozle Smart Container Tag from your site within 24 hours; at this point, you will lose any retargeting pools and campaign data. Also, any feedback you can provide regarding your cancellation would be greatly appreciated.

Billing Receipts & Refunds

Choozle bills at both the Organization Account level and the individual Advertiser Account level. Platform fees are billed to the Organization, whereas campaign fund refills and CRM fees are billed to the Advertiser. 

Billing Tips

As you are launching your digital advertising campaigns, it is important to note that all campaigns and activities within the platform are active. There are no “test” dates or budgets when building out campaigns. Your credit card will be charged based on the budget on the first day of the campaign.

You have two billing options: invoicing or prepaid billing.

For invoicing, costs accumulate, and a monthly invoice covers the campaign spend from the previous month, along with any subscription charges and additional fees related to paid features.

Alternatively, with prepaid billing, you pay before your ads run, adding funds to a prepaid balance. As your ads run and costs accrue, the prepaid balance decreases daily.

An analogy to managing a car's fuel applies here: Just as running out of gas hinders your journey, insufficient funds disrupt your campaign. Choozle charges your active payment method for the initial funding event and subsequent charges based on ad spend and the corresponding prepaid balance.

If your campaign is archived and you unarchive and make edits to any ad groups, those ad groups will go live and charge your card at the end of each day with the funds they spent. In sum, do not make changes to archived ad groups, and if you do for whatever reason, make sure to disable all ad groups, even in the “archived” setting.

Billing Receipts

Within the Transactions tab, you'll access a comprehensive overview of all billing activities associated with your Choozle account. This feature provides a detailed and searchable log of financial transactions, offering transparency and clarity regarding your account's billing history. Updated daily, it ensures you stay informed about your financial interactions with Choozle.

In the transactions tab, you’ll find the following:

  • Funding Payments: Track all payments to fund your account through auto-refill settings or manual funding events.
  • Campaign Spend Charges: Monitor charges incurred as your campaigns run, ensuring you stay on top of your advertising expenses.
  • Refunds: Keep track of any refunds issued to your account, providing insight into adjustments made to your transactions.
  • Balance Adjustments/Credits: Stay informed about any adjustments or credits applied to your account balance, ensuring accuracy and transparency in your billing records.

Export Options

You can export the transaction log in either PDF or CSV format. This export capability enhances accessibility and enables you to utilize your billing information for reporting or auditing purposes.

Refunds & Cancellations

Your subscription to the Choozle platform is canceled at the Organization level. You must cancel your Organization, including all subsequent Advertiser Accounts, before the end of the month to avoid subscription charges for the next billing cycle/month. Upon subscription cancellation, you will have access until the current billing cycle/month has ended, after which you will lose all access to the Choozle Platform and any data or information stored in your accounts. If you need any assistance through this process, please contact our Support Center

You may cancel your subscription by selecting the “Cancel Account” option in the platform account settings. 

If you request to cancel your account, a refund will be issued for the unspent prepaid balance amount. All account cancellation refunds will be processed at the end of the month. Ex. An account canceled in December has a process date of 12/31, with a refund for the remaining prepaid balance issued by 1/30.