Conversion Tracking - Campaign Manager


Getting Started

The Choozle Smart Container Tag facilitates conversion tracking for up to 25 conversion events per campaign, offering you insight into your conversion funnel and where people are most engaged and where they are falling off. This data can inform your campaign optimizations as well as an overall marketing strategy.

Note: you can track up to 25 conversion events per campaign, but you can add an unlimited number of conversion events to the conversion library, from which you can reuse in any campaigns at any time.

Conversion Tracking in Campaigns

  1. Before beginning, ensure that the Choozle Smart Container Tag is placed before the close of the head of the conversion event's root URL(s). The Smart Container Tag must be placed in order for conversions to track.
  2. Enter up to 25 conversion events per campaign when setting up your campaign parameters. The top five conversion events will be reported via the Detailed Reports, so we typically recommend setting your most important conversion event as the first. Optionally, enter a revenue associated with a given conversion URL, if applicable.
  3. You can select to add a new conversion event or use an existing conversion event from a past campaign. Leveraging existing conversion events will ensure that the converted user profiles are aggregated in a single retargeting data segment for inclusion or exclusion in the Audience Builder.
  4. Please note that the Choozle Smart Container Tag uses "contains" logic and will automatically track all paths containing or after the submitted conversion URL. For example, if your thank you page contains an order confirmation number, such as "[confirmationnumber]," use "" as the conversion event.
  5. If your thank you page contains a subdomain, such as rather than, please reach out to the Client Engagement team via the Choozle Support Center, as there is a manual step that is required by our team to facilitate accurate tracking.
  6. Once the campaign is saved, select a goal of CPA within the ad group for conversion-based campaigns. Ad group goals are important because they inform our system's site, supply vendors, and creative auto-optimizations.
  7. If your campaign does not include a URL-based conversion event, please reach out to the team in the Choozle Support Center to discuss options for click-based conversion tracking. 

Conversion Deduplication

Choozle sets a default conversion deduplication window of 60 seconds.  Deduplication windows prevent duplicate conversions from being tracked, resulting in more accurate conversion reporting. During this window, duplicate conversions are disregarded for attribution purposes. This is designed to filter out events that are typically the result of user error which can happen when clicking multiple times or reloading pages. 

For example, if a user converts more than one time during the 60-second conversion window, it is only counted as one conversion. 

Conversion Reporting

With your conversion event(s) and ad group goal of CPA in place, reporting will be visualized on Choozle's dashboard via the CPA tab on the campaign and ad group dashboards. The CPA will reflect the cost per acquisition based on the total number of click-through and view-through conversions for all conversion events. Please note that the first conversion event informs the CPA metric and CPA goal.

Additionally, there is a conversions tab as well to show you the number of overall conversions on any given day based on the total number of conversions in place at the campaign level.

You can also export campaign data from your dashboard's blue Export Campaign Data button. Both click-through and view-through conversions (with a 90-day attribution window) from Conversion Events 1-5 will be visualized on Detailed Reports. Detailed Reports are available in-platform, upon request, or on a regularly-scheduled basis through the Support Center, as are conversion reports, which will show key metrics for all five conversion events.

Reports available for download within the Choozle platform will only provide performance data for the first five conversions listed. Performance data for conversions 6-25 is available upon request.


Dynamic Passback Tracking

A dynamic passback tag gives you the ability to integrate site-specific parameters into your Choozle reporting. By default, dynamic passback tags include revenue, currency, and order ID, with the ability to add up to 10 customizable site parameters. More information on Wildcard Use (in URLs) and Query Parameters (in URLs) can be found in their respective Knowledge Base articles. 

Commonly used for revenue reporting, dynamic passback tracking is a customized tag that collects specified dynamic parameters on a conversion page. In addition to the default data points, you can also collect other parameters such as product names, cart contents, SKUs, or categories. 

To leverage dynamic passback tracking, reach out to your Strategist with the name of the advertiser account, campaign budget, flight dates, goals, and your website URL. The Strategist will then generate a unique dynamic passback tag with placeholder parameters for you to swap out with your site-specific parameters. 

Work with your Strategist to set up a custom scheduled conversion details report, including all specified parameters being passed back from your site.