Choozle Smart Container Tag


The Choozle Smart Container Tag

The Choozle Smart Container is a small, secure piece of code placed within the header of your website and an essential component of the efficiency and automation Choozle provides. The Smart Container is IAB-Certified which means that your brand can use it without fear of any inconspicuous behavior, including malware.

The Smart Container Tag allows marketers to consolidate their marketing actions into a single source, without the need to involve website developers, to begin: 

  • Collecting, aggregating and generating in-depth audience insights
  • Building retargeting audiences for ad campaigns
  • Tracking conversion events for campaigns

For more information about the Smart Container Tag, click here.

The data collected using the Smart Container Tag is kept aggregated, anonymized, and private. With the purchase of a Data Package, data collected on your existing website traffic can be shown in a visually appealing way with Web Insights. All Web Insights for your page are anonymous & aggregated, and kept compliant to regional data privacy laws. For more information, please view our Privacy Policy.

Benefits of the Choozle Smart Container Tag

Increase Marketing ROI: With a 360 view of your website visitors, the Smart Container Tag can be used to develop granular tag deployment conditions for precise control over which marketing campaigns should be deployed for every customer. Use this data to enrich web analytics for enhanced cross-channel segmentation and analysis and to improve personalization with enhanced targeting and recommendations.

Faster implementation time: Put marketing —not IT—in the driver’s seat. The Smart Container Tag enables marketers to respond to campaigns in real-time by quickly swapping conversion events and audience segmentation tags. This greatly reduces time and costs for the business incurred by manually hard-coding marketing technologies.

Faster page load: The Smart Container Tag's unique tagging architecture minimizes data and tag code that gets pushed to the consumer, rapidly speeding up page load.

Reduce Tagging Errors: The Smart Container Tag minimizes the impact of site-wide change. Conditions and additions to the container can be done remotely in a few simple steps.

How the Choozle Smart Container Tag Works

Once the Smart Container Tag is generated and placed on your website, the tag will seamlessly and immediately begin to securely gather data on your website visitors.

Placed above the header on the root URL that you'd like to track for your website, the Smart Container Tag will immediately begin collecting user profiles to match and provide audience insights. These rich audience insights are populated using Choozle's data partners to match profiles and aggregate demographic, psychographic, purchase intent, and consumer characteristics, which are shown on the Web Insights dashboard.

The Smart Container Tag not only allows you to see the demographic and psychographic characteristics of your audience using the Web Insights tool, but also allows you to create retargeting campaigns of those identified users on your website to create campaigns geared at re-engaging that audience.

Lastly, the Smart Container Tag allows you to track conversion events made for your campaign. The Smart Container Tag allows Choozle to show the rate of a conversion event taking place within the website tracked. These results are populated in your campaign and ad group reports.

Placing the Choozle Smart Container Tag

We recommend placing the Smart Container tag on your site(s) 30-60 days prior to the beginning of your campaign. To place the Smart Container Tag, please follow the steps outlined below. 

  1. The Choozle Smart Container code Tag is included in your signup email. Should you need to access it at a later date, that can be done by selecting the globe widget in the sub-categories bar of the Audiences tool.


  1. The Smart Container Tag can then be collected by selecting the blue Smart Container Tag button in the top right corner.

  1. Copy and paste the Smart Container Tag inside the tag and above the header of the root URL's of your website.
  2. If your website uses a template you can add it to the template and it should populate on all of the pages.