Viewability Solutions



While marketers can use bid modifiers options like fold or select creative sizes that tend to yield higher page placement, additional measures are often needed to ensure ads are being seen. Viewability is the measurement of whether or not a user viewed an ad served to them. The Media Rating Council (MRC) is used as the industry standard for measuring online ads’ viewability.

What Is Viewability

Viewability is the measurement of whether or not a user viewed an ad served to them.

There are many reasons why a user might not see an ad, such as the ad could have been served at the bottom of the page, or maybe the user left the site before the page fully loaded. However,  applying viewability helps advertisers pay only for those ads that reach their intended audience. 

Defining a viewability target within their ad group settings can help marketers reach top-performing viewable media by domain and ad size to help achieve their target in-view rate. 

As the unit to measure viewability across different creative formats is different, users will be able to select between display and video viewability type: 

  • A display impression is viewable if 50 percent or more of its pixels appear on the user's screen for at least one continuous second. Note: For large display ads like 970x250, the ad is considered viewable when at least 30% of its area is visible for at least 1 second.
  • A video impression is viewable if 50 percent of its pixels appear on-screen for at least two consecutive seconds.

As with any marketing medium and due to the nature of real-time bidding, we cannot 100 percent of the time control the rate at which a user interacts with your ads or the specific placement of an advertisement within a publisher’s page, so marketers should be prepared that sometimes ads and number of impressions are not seen. 

To help our users maximize their marketing budgets, Choozle proactively monitors the viewability of inventory run through our platform and applies to our platform-wide block list any sites with low viewability. Through our Brand Safety and Fraud Preventative Efforts, Choozle takes several measures using a three-tier system to ensure the quality of the sites we are serving on and to minimize the risk of fraudulent or non-viewable traffic. 


Viewability Provider

Choozle's viewability settings are leveraging Quality Alliance Viewability which is based on MOAT-scored viewability and reporting.  Using this setting, you can easily target sites and publishers across different supply vendors with historically served inventory that meets or exceeds specific in-view rates. 

To calculate in-view rates, Quality Alliance Viewability uses historical Moat data gathered system-wide from a five-day lookback window to create an informed prediction on inventory that meets or exceeds specific in-view rates. 

It uses four vectors to determine viewability: supply vendor, site ID/publisher ID, device type, and ad format. Every combination of these vectors is given its viewability score, which is then translated into a bid factor of 0 or 1, based on whether or not the score falls below your chosen in-view rate. This ensures that you're only bidding on the inventory that has historically performed at or above the selected viewability rate. Because this score is based on historical data, it is not a guarantee of viewability at the time of serving an impression; instead, it's a statistically informed prediction. 


How To Use Viewability

  1. Found within the Advanced Settings on ad groups, users can choose between display and video viewability type as well as set their viewability target (either 40%+, 50%+, 60%+, or  70%+).  Setting a viewability target will apply an additional $0.18 CPM to only bid on impressions that historically have met or exceeded your target.Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 10.34.04 AM
  2. Viewability reporting can be requested through your account manager or support center. 


Best Practices

  • Viewability is an additional layer of protection on top of Choozle’s three-tier fraud prevention system
  • The higher the in-view threshold, your base and max bids need to be increased as well. 
  • Depending on other targeting parameters, viewability goals of 50-70 percent are typically feasible to achieve. 
  • It is important to note that viewability is often unable to be tracked in in-app environments. Speak with your account manager or reach out to the support center to determine the best approach for your viewability needs.
  • Viewability targeting is not available on Connected TV devices.