Brand Safety and Fraud Preventative Efforts


Getting Started

According to IAB, a total of $4.6 billion is lost to ad fraud annually. Here at Choozle, we are always working to improve our platform and prevent the number of fraudulent traffic sources that can affect our clients. Our internal preemptive fraud monitoring and prevention system will use frequent, network-wide inventory and supply vendor reports to identify suspicious activity (outlined below) based on the following three parameters: click-through rate (CTR), win rate, and Integral Ad Science (IAS) suspicious activity.  

Choozle's Three-tier Fraud Prevention Efforts

Choozle takes several measures to ensure the quality of the sites we are serving and to minimize the risk of fraudulent or non-viewable traffic. 

  • TIER 1: All campaigns have a network-wide block list that is the first line of defense. Our buy-side partners are continuously scanning for fraudulent traffic, including high impression counts on a single page due to a bot reloading the page, domain spoofing, multiple impressions won on a single bid, and bots mimicking human behavior.
  • TIER 2: Choozle applies an internal blocklist that is updated weekly to all campaigns run in the system. This list is created by the Choozle Platform Operations team and tracks patterns and monitors activity across IPs, publishers, users, and supply vendors to help detect fraudulent activity. This second level allows us to quickly block sites we deem suspicious or fraudulent activity or unseemly content to keep inventory quality high. These lists are also used to help improve overall viewability by reducing bids for less viewable sites.
  • TIER 3: As a self-service platform, we also heavily encourage our clients to build and use their own preferred and block lists to help reduce impressions on sites where they see a low performance or that they deem fraudulent. As part of our Supported Services, Choozle users can also use third-party brand safety or viewability services, such as Moat, Peer39, or Integral Ad Science, to further reduce the risk of placing ads on sites that do not align with their campaign objectives. 

What Choozle Considers to Be Fraud

Our average platform-wide CTR is 0.08 percent. Anything with a CTR over 2.6 percent with greater than 50 clicks will be investigated by the Ad Ops team. The team will take into account publishers, sites, channels, creative quality, and ad group strategies during the investigation.

Any win rate over 80 percent where 5,000+ impressions have been served will be investigated, and any site found to engage in fraudulent behavior will be blocked on the internal and network levels.

As it applies to Fraud Prevention, our three-tier system still applies to CTV inventory. We look at bid and impression logs to ensure that there aren’t any anomalies that would indicate bad actors, which our Marketplace Quality team monitors. This process is outlined in the Fraud Prevention, Brand Safety, & Viewability one-pager.

For Viewability and Brand Safety, pre-bid and post-bid viewability and brand safety solutions are not supported for CTV devices. Because CTV devices do not yet support VPAID tags, campaigns targeting these devices are unable to use pre-bid or post-bid solutions. However, since CTV inventory leverages private marketplace deals, you can select specific placements that fit your strategy.