Optimizing Video Campaign Performance


Getting Started

In addition to the general campaign optimization suggestions recommended in this solution, some optimizations unique to video can help improve performance.

Optimizing on VCR

Choozle clients are able to optimize based on video completion rate (VCR) by using the data in the detailed HD reports.

  1. To do so, navigate to the Video tab (Tab 2) at the bottom of the Excel report. This will show each of the video creatives and their respective performance.
    1. Consider reallocating budgets toward higher-performing ad groups, creative assets, etc.
  2. The HD report also allows for viewing video performance (VCR and Cost per Video Completion) in each of the other tabs, such as Fold, Creative, etc. if you would like to optimize toward any of those specific metrics.

For example, in the below screenshot, Video B 15 has a slightly higher VCR (located on the far right of the screenshot in yellow) than Video A 15. In this case, we would suggest allocating the budget away from Video A 15 in favor of Video B 15 to serve more placements with the higher-performing creative.