International Targeting


Getting Started

When you are creating a Choozle advertiser account, you will have to select a region for the advertiser. Advertisers running outside of North America (the US and Canada) should select an EU Region account type so the platform reflects the platform's functionality and data that can be leveraged in that area based on regional privacy laws. All account media buying is still planned, bought, and reported on the US Dollar (USD or $).

Choozle has access to more than 98 percent of the global programmatic ad inventory. We are working on bringing more international capabilities so keep an eye out for email updates for upcoming product releases.

With all data targeting types (data, retargeting, CRM, and IP targeting), we recommend confirming any regional data privacy restrictions that might limit the use of them.

Account Types

The account type is designated at the advertiser-level upon account creation, with the current options including North American and European Union. Please select the region type that reflects where the advertising campaigns will be run.

Due to technical or legal limitations, certain functions may not be available in all regions.

Targeting Options 

  • Contextual Targeting: All forms of contextual targeting (category, site, and keyword) are available internationally.

  • Data Targeting: Choozle's Catalog provides access to a global selection of third-party data segments. Not all data providers operate globally, so see a more accurate potential reach for the country you are looking to targeting by leveraging the Country filter within the Catalog Search. Due to the limited third-party data available in the Middle East, Asia, Australia, Africa, and Latin America, data targeting may be limited or provide limited ad placement inventory. We recommend creating other ad groups for your campaign that additional targeting types, like contextual category, site, and keyword targeting to ensure your campaign has sufficient volume.

  • Retargeting: Retargeting is available internationally. Due to data privacy regulations internationally, we assume user-profiles collected leveraging the Smart Container Tag have received proper consent and meet regional data collection laws. In addition to the retargeting pixels made available through the use of Choozle’s Smart Container tag, a special pixel is added to the Smart Container tag of every advertiser account registered with a region type of European Union. The Default Pixel is IAB-compliant and will capture the user profile of every customer who provides consent through any IAB-approved consent tool on your brand’s website. The Default pixel is added to your Smart Container Tag by our Platform Operations team for the root URL of your advertiser account and the audiences of all subsequent pages are collected. The benefit of selecting the Default pixel when building retargeting audiences is that since user profiles are collected regardless of which tool the customer gives consent to, Default pixel retargeting audiences average 3x the size of other retargeting audiences for the same web page. To use the Default pixel, simply navigate to the Retargeting section of the Audiences Tool and select or search for the data segment named, “Default.” Then select the data segment and add it to the Audience Builder like any other data segment type.

  • IP Targeting: IP targeting is considered a violation of privacy regulations in some countries (i.e., Germany, Austria, and South Korea). Please confirm that IP targeting is legal in the geolocation you intend to target and that IP ranges targeted have been generated with proper consent.

  • CRM Targeting: CRM targeting is available for email, phone numbers, or both record types, of customers in certain markets. For CRM Targeting instructions (for both US and International campaigns), view this article.

  • Private Marketplace: Private Marketplace targeting is available in the other regions outside North America. Use the region filter within the deal explorer to find specific deals for that region.

  • Cross-Device Targeting Cross-device targeting is available for international campaigns as part of Choozle's Strategic Services. Strategic Services are added features available from Choozle to Choozle's Strategic Partners but must be manually applied by your account strategist.