CRM Onboarding & Targeting


Getting Started

CRM targeting allows you to target individuals from your customer relationship management (CRM) system and run account-based marketing campaigns against a known list of contacts. Leveraging CRM targeting makes it simple to grow your business and serve ads to users who have already demonstrated an interest in your product or service. 

Choozle, in partnership with LiveRamp, processes CRM records using a deterministic matching model and leveraging a user database of over 1 billion devices and 250 million unique users. This results in a high degree of confidence that user profiles in your custom audience are the unique individuals listed in your CRM list.

CRM onboarding can use a combination of the following identifiers: first and last name, email addresses, postal addresses, and phone numbers. These can be both personally identifiable or anonymous data points such as MD5 hashed files for email addresses.

CRM targeting is currently only available in the United States. For CRM targeting outside of the US, please contact your Account Manager or reach out to the Choozle Support Center. By leveraging CRM Onboarding, you are declaring they have proper permissions to use the data recorded in this document.

NOTE: Due to data privacy compliance, we do not allow or accept the transfer of any PII, including CRM lists. 

While Choozle's team is always happy to assist you with your CRM list, please do not include or attach your CRM list in any communication to our team.

Importing CRM Data into Choozle

You are able to upload a CRM list directly into the platform in just a few minutes.

For CRM data, you’ll be charged $1 CPM against all CRM records uploaded. You will be charged based on the number of records uploaded within a month's timeframe. There will be no additional charge for the refresh or upkeep of your CRM records in subsequent months unless you upload new records. 

By uploading data, you acknowledge you have the right to utilize the data, and for this express purpose. You're authorizing that you have explicit opt-in privileges to use these audiences and include any and all opt-out options within your website's privacy policy.

  1. Head to Manage My Sites by clicking on the globe icon in the sub-navigation bar of the Audiences tool.
  2. Download the template file.
  3. Fill out the file by following the steps below.
    • CRM lists must have at least 100 unique records to be processed.
      • To ensure privacy compliance, we require that at least 100 records with the same individual identifier (email, hashed email, phone or first and last name) are onboarded at a single time. For example, if you upload 80 hashed emails and 90 phone numbers, the CRM list will be rejected.
    • Email address, phone number, first and last name and postal address data can be used to match CRM contacts.
      • Each row should represent one user and have a name, email, phone number, or first and last name and postal address, or any combination of them. 
      • When uploading postal addresses, a primary identifier (email, phone, or first/last name) must be associated with the address in order to successfully process the list. Additionally, full addresses must be provided. Each section of the postal address should correspond to the column headers. The state column must be a state code, e.g.,CO, AZ.
      • If you are only uploading postal addresses, first and last name are also required. 
      • If you are uploading any other record (phone number, email, or hashed email), do not use first or last names. The system will not accept your list. 
      • All phone number identifiers must be 10 digits without hyphens, e.g.,6305558052
    • If you are using hashed emails as an identifier, use MD5. Do not include both a plaintext email and an MD5 hashed email in the same document.
    • Each row of data completed in the template is counted as one record.
    • Multiple emails or phone numbers for the same individual can be listed in a given row separated by a comma.
  4. In approximately 72 hours, the targetable user pool of users matched from your CRM list will be available to add to a custom audience in the CRM Lists section of the Audiences tool.

Implementing CRM Campaigns in Choozle

  1. Once your CRM list has been converted into a targetable segment of user profiles, the segment will live in the CRM Lists section of the Audiences tool.
  2. Click the desired CRM segment and opt to "Include" or "Exclude" it in the Audience Builder.
  3. Once the custom audience is complete, input a name for the custom audience and select Save Audience.
  4. Saved custom audiences can be applied in the Targeting section of the ad group setup.

Archiving CRM Lists

If you’d like to remove CRM records that you are no longer utilizing, then please archive your CRM records by selecting the blue Archive box next to your CRM upload.

Choozle's CRM Matching Process

Choozle processes CRM data using a deterministic matching model and leveraging a user database of over 1 billion devices and 250 million unique users which results in a high degree of confidence that user profiles in your actionable CRM data segment are the unique individuals listed in your CRM list.

Once matched through our CRM partner's database, the aggregated user set is sent to our DSP partner, allowing us to find all of the users that an individual may have across their different devices. That collection of targetable cookies becomes the actionable data segment you use to build your custom audience in Choozle.

Once a list is uploaded, this matching process takes approximately 72 hours at which point your data segment will become available in the CRM Lists section of the Audiences Tool.

CRM lists match 30-70 percent of the individuals from your original list, dependent upon the location of the consumers in the recordset, and the quality and freshness of the data uploaded. Please note that most phone number records see a lower match rate than email records.

Country Users Average Email Match Rate
United States 210 Million 45-60%
United Kingdom 42 Million 20-30%
France 42 Million 30-40%
Australia 17 Million 25-35%

Due to the multiple devices, and thus users, that an individual has, most CRM lists will result in a data set with a user pool roughly two times the size of the email list.

Due to privacy law limitations, all CRM lists matched will result in aggregated and anonymous user pools.