Video (Creative) Event Retargeting



Video (Creative) Event Retargeting is a powerful tool for re-engaging users who have shown interest in your video or audio content. You can create highly relevant and effective follow-up campaigns using various ad formats by targeting users who have watched at least 50%, or completed a view,  of your video or audio assets. This should not be confused with click-creative retargeting. 

Leveraging Video Event Retargeting in Choozle


The Choozle Team can help you with video (Creative) Event Retargeting. If you want to set up this audience, contact our Choozle Support Team or your dedicated account manager.

When setting up your campaign, ensure that ad groups intended for event retargeting remain disabled until Choozle confirms that the audience is ready. Initially, these ad groups will display a "shell" audience as a placeholder linked to a corresponding shell audience in The Trade Desk. This placeholder will be replaced with the actual first-party data collected once the audience setup is complete. At this point, you can enable your ad group.

Typically, it takes about 5 days after launching a Connected TV or audio campaign for Choozle to verify that the Video Event Retargeting audience has been successfully populated. Once you receive confirmation, your ad group will be ready to target the appropriate audience effectively. 

Benefits of Video Event Retargeting

  • Enhanced Engagement: Reconnect with users who have demonstrated interest by watching most of your content.
  • Multi-format Flexibility: Retarget with diverse ad formats, including Display, Video, Native, etc.
  • Clickability for Non-clickable Inventory: Retarget with clickable formats to complement assets like Connected TV (CTV) that have low clickable inventory

Best Practices for Video Event Retargeting

  • Create Compelling Content: Ensure your initial video or audio content is engaging to encourage users to watch 70% or more.
  • Tailor Follow-Up Messages: Develop creative messaging that speaks directly to the audience's demonstrated interest.
  • Segment Your Audience: Consider creating multiple retargeting audiences based on different engagement levels or content types.
  • Use Analytics: Leverage Choozle’s reporting and other analytics tools to gain insights into your audience’s behavior and refine your targeting strategy.

How Does Video Event Retargeting Improve Campaign Performance?

  1. Higher Engagement Rates: Users who have watched most of your video content are likelier to be engaged with your brand. They have invested time and attention, indicating a baseline interest or relevance. 

  2. Better Conversion Rates: Retargeting viewers who have consumed a significant portion of your content increases the probability of conversions. These users have crossed an initial interest threshold, making them more likely to take action when presented with a follow-up message. 

  3. Precision Targeting: Video Event Retargeting allows you to create highly specific audience segments based on user behavior. This precision targeting leads to more effective ad spend and marketing strategies.

  4. Enhanced Brand Recall and Recognition: Repeated exposure to your brand increases familiarity and recall. Video Event Retargeting leverages this by ensuring your ads are seen by users who already recognize and remember your brand from their prior engagement with your content.

  5. Complementing Non-clickable Inventory: For formats like Connected TV (CTV) where clickable interactions are limited, Video Event Retargeting provides a crucial bridge.

  6. Maximizing ROI on Ad Spend: By focusing your retargeting efforts on users who have already shown interest, you optimize your ad spend towards audiences with the highest likelihood of engagement and conversion.