Troubleshooting Campaigns


Getting Started

Why is my campaign not spending? What's wrong with my campaign? Why is my ad group not running?

These are all questions that you’ve probably asked yourself. We’ve put together a few tips to check when troubleshooting your campaign. 

  1. Check your impression caps. If you put in an arbitrary impression cap, the system will stop spending the moment it hits that cap, regardless of how much money is left in your campaign budget. Impression caps should only be used by our agency partners with predetermined impression contracts. The goal of any campaign should be to capture as many impressions as possible.

  2. Ad Group budgets equal your campaign budget. You will want to check to see if your ad group budgets are equal to your campaign budget. If your ad group budget(s) is lower than your campaign budget, the system doesn’t know there is more money in your account balance to allocate to this campaign. If your ad group budget(s) exceed your campaign budget, the system thinks there is more money to be spent, even though your card was charged at the lower amount. In sum, your budgets could be halting campaign spend.

  3. Check your targeting. You will want to ensure that your custom audience and geolocations are aligned. If you are looking to target an audience in Puerto Rico, but utilize the United States filter on the data catalog, you will not be able to serve any impressions to this US-based data audience within a Puerto Rico geolocation. 

  4. Win rate. We recommend a win rate of 10-30 percent for your campaign. Your win rate compares how often you bid on inventory to how often your impression is served. Ten to 30 percent means that you are bidding appropriately. Quick Fix: If your win rate is a little lower than 10 percent, raise your minimum and maximum bid. If your win rate is a little higher than 30 percent, lower your minimum and maximum bid.

The Golden Rule


Bids and audience size are directly related. 

The smaller the audience, the higher your bids need to be. Your potential reach is not just your targeting tactic—it's also affected by your geolocation and advanced settings.

Ad Group Settings

It's possible that the settings on your ad group are affecting your campaign performance.

  • Geolocation: A narrow geolocation (list or settings) decreases potential reach. Consider either expanding geolocation or increasing bids.

  • Targeting Tactics: You should have one targeting tactic per ad group. Separating tactics allows you to set different bids based on targeting strategy, monitor performance from reports and optimize based on what works for your campaign and what doesn't. 

  • Total Budgets: Your ad group daily budgets should add up to the campaign daily budget (e.g., two ad groups with $100 total budgets each should have a campaign-level total budget of $200)

  • Daily Budgets: Your ad group's daily budget should be greater than your minimum bid and your ad group's CPM. Much like your total budget, your ad group's daily budgets should add up to align with your campaign's daily budget.

  • Creatives: We recommend that you diversify your creative sizes. More sizes equal more chances to win inventory. Wait 48 hours after uploading creatives before worrying. Note that you cannot run a campaign if your creatives are not fully approved. The creative tab's green checkmark does not indicate approval is complete.

Audience Size and Potential Reach

To increase your campaign's spend with these targeting tactics, broaden your audience. 

  • Data Targeting: Consider adding more relevant segments to your custom audience to increase the potential reach.

  • Site Targeting: Consider adding more sites to your site list. We recommend including about 250 sites in your list, but at least 100 minimum.

  • Keyword Targeting: Consider adding more keywords to your list. We recommend at least 20-40 keywords.

Even if you have more than our recommended minimums, not all sites have inventory at any given time. Although Choozle has access to 98 percent of programmatic inventory, many factors, such as season and time, can affect whether or not you can effectively win that inventory.

To increase your campaign's spend with these tactics, increase your bids.

  • IP Targeting

  • CRM Targeting

  • Retargeting

With these three targeting tactics, you cannot increase your audience. In these cases, we recommend that you increase your bids. This will allow you to bid more competitively on your limited audience size. With small audiences, we recommend you bid aggressively to place impressions in front of potential customers.