Site Conquesting



Expand your targeting strategy by tapping into users searching your competitors’ keywords using Site conquesting. Offered as part of our Custom Audience Solution in Supported Solutions, Choozle leverages our specialized data partner, Dstillery, to create a custom data audience that includes individuals that have searched and visited your competitors' websites. Creating a custom audience using site conquesting is subject to a minimum of one million impressions per month.

Site Conquesting Solutions Overview Document


Key Benefits

  • Site conquesting is a competitive tactic that utilizes the behavior of a user profile that is interested in your competitor’s products and services. Site conquesting can target users who may not have visited your specific site before but have browsed similar sites of your competitors.
  • For example, through our partner Dstillery, we can create a custom audience for a B2C brand of people who regularly visit West Elm, Crate And Barrel, and World Market. 
  • To build site conquesting segments, Dstillery analyzes over 10 million attributes of the consumers they see visiting competing websites. Attributes include websites visited, apps used, and locations visited. The attributes that index highest for these consumers are placed into an AI model, which then finds new devices that share those attributes.

How to Get Started

Site conquesting is part of Choozle’s Supported Solutions and can be implemented with the help of our Account Management team. To unlock and access site conquesting, please contact your Account Manager or our Support Center team for assistance and more information.

In order to set up site conquesting, you will need to send a list of at least 5 sites with the full URL string you are interested in conquesting to the Choozle Team. We will work with Dstillery to create the audience.

Please note: Dstillery typically only has access to sites with a decent volume of traffic. When requesting sites, if the site is very small, it is likely the team may not access them. Dstillery turn-around time for checking the list is 24 hours, and the audience syndication to Choozle is up to another 48 hours.  Audiences are refreshed every 24 hours.

Best Practices

  • CPMs/Bids: Suggested base bid $0.50 with suggested max bid $1.50
  • Turnaround time: 2-3 business days 
  • List size: 1MM impressions/month
  • Targeting:  Limit additional targeting when you can - It is ideal for running these segments as standalone packages.
  • Ideal Use Cases: For conquesting and for trying to find prospects who are similar to those visiting your competitor’s websites.