Secure Creative or SSL



Updated:  4/2/2024


Getting Started

Choozle technology partners have transitioned available real-time bidding ad inventory to be Secure Sockets Layer-enabled (SSL)

SSL establishes a secure connection between the advertiser's creative asset and the publisher's open inventory. By having creative assets be SSL-enabled, the creative asset is transmitted to the publisher's open ad placement an encrypted connection to increase security.

SSL Guidelines

This means you will want to ensure that all components of your creative must be encrypted accordingly*:

  • Ensure all links and tags to the asset are secure (https://) including click-URL, landing page URL and UTM codes.
    • Loading images
    • Loading JavaScript
    • Flash loading additional content
    • Videos loading content
    • Tracking calls (impression, cookie mapping, retargeting, video events)
  • Ensure creative is built and hosted on HTTPS servers (creative uploaded directly Choozle or through the Ad Builder are compliant).

*Failure to implement the above procedures will result in all SSL-required available inventory bids being dropped from the auction.

Creative units that are not SSL-enabled are still eligible to bid on non-SSL-required available inventory. Please note the non-SSL inventory encompasses a smaller portion of available ad inventory than is the SSL-enabled inventory.

If you house your creative in Choozle, this creative is already SSL-enabled. If you have any questions about the security of your creative, please reach out to your Account Manager, or submit a ticket in the Support Center.

We at Choozle want to provide you the best experience and results. This means working with quality technology partners and proactively creating a secure environment for your digital advertising experience.

Choozle no longer supports Flash Creative. Instead, please consider uploading HTML5 assets or an ad tag. Please submit a ticket to our support team with any questions.