Political Advertising Policy & Guidelines


Getting Started

Choozle permits political advertising, subject to compliance with this policy and applicable law. Choozle can only accept US political clients.

Choozle will accept political clients, contingent on the advertisers passing Choozle’s vetting process and adhering to our company’s Terms of Service.

Political ads include any advertisement with the purpose of appealing, directly or indirectly, for votes or for financial or other support in any election campaign. Organizations that fall into the category of political spending include, but are not limited to: candidates, PACs, independent expenditures, political parties, ballot measures. General advocacy, as long as it does not fall under the previously mentioned categories, will not have the same requirement. 

If you have a marijuana ballot measure, please reach out to Marketplace Quality for approval.

If you have any questions about Choozle’s political guidelines, please reach out to the Marketplace Quality team.


In an effort to increase the visibility of political advertisements, the following restrictions have been put in place.

  • Advertising in the state of Washington

  • Microtargeting

    • The minimum ad group micro-targeting threshold is 5,000 unique users (cookies and devices). Targeting refinements cannot reduce the overall targeted audience to below 50% of the minimum seed audience requirement.

  • Dynamic creative optimization—changing the creative based on data available at the time of ad serving—is prohibited.

  • Third-party ad serving is restricted to ad servers that have been pre-approved.

  • All political advertising creatives must include a 'paid for' disclosure.

Political Vetting Process 

Choozle requires all political advertisers to complete the following form prior to advertising political ad units. The Political Questionnaire can be found HERE . The political vetting process allows Choozle to fully evaluate the legitimacy of an organization and to ensure that Choozle remains in compliance with state and federal regulations, as well as the policies of our industry partners. Please contact your Choozle team member if you are unable to complete the form.

Advertisers will not be able to publish on the Choozle platform until their creatives are approved by Choozle’s team. This process will take 24-48 hours.

Content Restrictions 

Choozle is dedicated to adhering to all local and federal laws, as well as industry regulations. In doing so, and in order to maintain the safety of Choozle and client-selected target audiences, Choozle retains the right to pause accounts that display any of the prohibited content listed below. Choozle reserves the right to evaluate creative content on a case-by-case basis and pause accounts that may violate Choozle policies.


No ads related to abortion that use violent language or gruesome imagery.

Abortion-related services are allowed, depending on the country. Consult with your Account Manager for details


Choozle does not allow the promotion of "anti" or violent concepts, such as the following:

Ad text advocating against an organization, person, or group of people

Ads and associated websites advocating against a protected group. A protected group is distinguished by one of the following: race or ethnic origin, color, national origin, religion, disability, sex, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, or gender identity

Attempts to revise history against the interests of a protected group

The promotion of self-harm and violence against people or animals


Choozle does not allow the promotion of weapons or devices designed to cause serious harm or injury. The promotion of weapons includes guns, gun parts or hardware, ammunition, bombs, knives, throwing stars, and brass knuckles.


Choozle does not allow advertising for political candidates or parties where it is prohibited by law.


Any political advertising must comply with local, state, and national election laws.

You aren't allowed to target countries where campaign ads are against the law.

You aren't allowed to target countries with "election silence" laws during electoral bans. It is the advertiser's responsibility to make sure that ads don't run during those prohibited times.

Any political advertising must also follow our "Anti" & Violence and Solicitation of Funds policies.

Advertiser Claims

All ads should be truthful, accurate, and up-to-date every time they are shown to users.

Advertiser claims include but are not limited to: competitive claims, superlatives, offers, discounts, and pricing. This policy also covers unverified offers and claims that are either scientifically impossible or otherwise misleading to users.

All advertising claims must be factually supportable.

All discounts and offers in your ad must be up-to-date and must match the content on your website.

Users must be able to perform the ad's call to action – if any – on the site, within two clicks of the landing page.

Relevant, Accurate, Clear

Your ads and keywords must directly relate to the content on the landing page for your ad.

Your ads cannot simulate email inbox notifications.

In addition to the above guidelines, certain states have additional restrictions. Please see below:


  • New York State requires copies of state registration forms from independent expenditure committees making purchases. Creatives won’t serve in New York State until the form is uploaded.


  • New Jersey requires copies of state registration forms from independent expenditure committees making purchases. Creatives won’t serve in New Jersey until the form is uploaded.


  • Advertising campaigns running in Maryland will need to display the DAA Icon* on their creatives. TTD will implement this on their end with the information provided to them through our vetting form.


  • Effective November 1st, 2019: Choozle will not permit advertising for state and local candidate elections and ballot measures in the state of Washington.