Adding Latitude and Longitude

Utilize the following steps to add Lat + Long for addresses, to Excel/Google Sheets.

Before getting started, let's make sure you have the right set up:
  1. Open 'Google Sheets' in your G Drive 
  2. From the 'Extensions' dropdown, choose 'Add-ons' and select 'Get add-ons'
  3. Search for ‘Geocode by Awesome Table’ 
  4. Click to Install the Extension


Now that you are all set, follow these steps to adding Lat + Long to your G Sheet / Excel sheet:

  1. If using Excel, begin by uploading the Excel spreadsheet into Google Sheets on your G Drive
  2. Select 'Extensions' > 'Geocode by Awesome Table' and  click to 'Start Geocoding' (which should bring up a box, labeled Geocode, on the right side of your sheet)
  3. Within the Geocode box, click the link 'Are your addresses in multiple columns?' which will spawn a pop-up. Select all columns that include the pieces of your addresses. This will add a column with the complete address (which is needed for adding the lat + longs)
  4. Click 'Insert Column'
    1. You should now see the full address in an immediate column to the right
  5. Click the ‘Geocode!’ Button which will begin the process of adding Lats and Longs (they will begin to appear pretty quickly)
    1. Make sure you keep the tab open while the list completes (it can take a few minutes if you have a lot of addresses)
    2. Reminder - the limit is 9K so anything greater will need to be separated into multiple sheets and geocoded separately.
  6. Once the geo coding completes, remove the ‘full addresses’ column.
  7. If using Excel, all that is left is to convert the sheet back to an .xls file and you are done!