How to Push Geofences/Geoframes from Factual to Choozle

Below outlines the process for building a Factual geofence or geoframe (Factual refers to them as "proximities" and "audiences", respectively): 

  1. The Client Engagement team will work with our Factual rep to send you a registration email to create a Factual account

  2. Please reference this article on Geofencing and Geoframing. It discusses use cases for the two tactics, best practices, and it includes a video on how to use Factual. 

  3. Once finished creating the geofences/geoframes, select the "share" option to send it to the entire Choozle team  

  4. Submit a ticket to the Choozle Support Center that a Factual proximity/audience has been shared. Also, include what account and campaign it is for. 

  5. Once the Client Engagement team has access to the designs in Factual, they will build them to Choozle. The turnaround time for the geofences/geoframes to populate on our end is typically between 2-3 business days. 

  6. If it’s a geofence, the Client Engagement team will attach the geofence directly to the appropriate ad groups on the backend. This set up is not visualized in Choozle. 

  7. If it's a geoframe audience, the Client Engagement team will surface the segment to your account which will populate under Partner Segments in the audience builder. Like any other data segment, you will need to add the Factual segment to a custom audience and include the audience to the appropriate ad group.