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How To Install A Dynamic Pixel In Google Tag Manager


  1. Go to your Choozle Account Team and request a dynamic pixel be created. 
  2. Once the Choozle team supplies a dynamic pixel with placeholder parameters. Go to your Google Tag Manager account and select the TAGS tab on the left hand side panel 
  3. Hit 'NEW' and title your TAG, e.g. My Account Name-Choozle Dynamic Pixel
  4.  Click Tag Configuration and select the Custom HTML option under the 'Custom section'

  5. Copy the Choozle Dynamic Tracking Pixel code snippet and paste into the HTML field

6. Next, replace the variables such as , , to pull in website data according to your website or eCommerce platform. In GTM, you will leave the double curly brackets .

7. Next, choose a trigger to fire on under under the 'Triggering' section

    1. Be sure to define your trigger  type (All Elements, Page View, Custom Event) to fire on whatever business action necessary. This is defined by the end customer and not Choozle.
    1. If you're setting up button clicks within GTM, you will want to select the 'Click - All Elements' option, choose whether it's on All Clicks or Some Clicks, then define what event trigger the tag/pixel should fire on (Click Element ID, Click ID, Click Text, Click URL etc).

    8. Hit SAVE

    9. Submit and Publish your changes
    1. Do not forget to complete this step. This step is sometimes missed and prevents the SCT from firing.