How to Deploy Choozle’s Smart Container Tag via Shopify


Getting Started

If you would like to deploy Choozle’s Smart Container Tag via Shopify, you will need to drop the Smart Container Tag into the Shopify code as well to ensure it's firing there, too.


Here are two steps to take in order to get the conversion event firing on Shopify checkout page:

  1. Submit as the conversion event in your campaign to track final purchase conversions. Our tag management system uses "contains" logic, meaning entering that URL will set the condition to fire the pixel when the URL host contains: and URL path contains: /thank_you (which by default is what every Shopify order confirmation page ends in).

    Now any dynamic variation of the final order confirmation thank you page (such as will fire because the above conditions are met.
  2. Next, because the Shopify checkout process is hosted on Shopify and not on your own site, you'll need to drop the Smart Container Tag into the Additional Scripts field of the Checkout settings within your Shopify settings:

    From the Shopify Admin view, select Settings in the bottom left corner.


           Next, select Checkout.

 Scroll down to the Order Processing section and in the field labeled Additional Scripts, copy and paste your full Smart Container Tag.

Click Save and your Smart Container Tag will be successfully added to your Shopify site.

Enabling Dynamic Passback Conversions on Shopify Checkout Page

In addition to firing a standard conversion or retargeting event on the thank you / order confirmation page, Choozle also allows you to place a dynamic conversion pixel on this page to pass back dynamic conversion information (like revenue value and order ID).


1.) Once you've set up your checkout confirmation conversion event in campaign settings, submit a ticket via the Support Center requesting a Shopify dynamic passback pixel associated with that conversion event. 

2.) You'll be provided with an image pixel pre-appended with Shopify's standard passback macros that looks like this:

<img height="1" width="1" style="border-style:none;" alt="" src="//"/>

3.) Follow the steps above to navigate to the Additional Scripts field of the Checkout settings within your Shopify settings and place the dynamic passback pixel into this field. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 10.12.13 AM 

4.) Now in your standard Choozle reporting, you will be able to see the revenue value associated with each checkout. You may also request scheduled Conversion Detail reports, which will include order number in addition to revenue value.