First-party Private Marketplace (PMP)



Combining the efficiency of real-time bidding and campaign management, first-party private marketplace (PMP) allows marketers the ability to bring in deal-ids for inventory contracts that have been pre-established. 

While most programmatic inventory can be purchased in open exchange auctions or via the PMPs in the Deal Explorer, sometimes a specific site or app can’t be targeted using those methods. This often happens when a site or app wants very tight controls over which advertisers are seen alongside their content. Using unique deal ids that will be shared with the Choozle team, allows your ad group to bid exclusively on specific inventory that meets agreed terms with the publisher.

Like the third-party PMPs that are visible in the Deal Explorer, first-party PMPs are premium inventory. These auctions have fewer bidders than open exchange auctions and even fewer buyers than third-party PMP auctions, meaning that win rates should be high. Often publishers can require a spending commitment and/or higher CPMs to create these custom PMP deals. 

In order to access any first-party PMP deals, contact your account manager or support center for assistance and more information on setting up first-party PMP deals. 

How to Setup an Ad Group Using First-party Private Marketplace (PMP)

Private Marketplace purchases can be made as an ad group within a larger campaign. Private Marketplace inventory is available for display, video, audio, native, and connected TV.

After your creative assets are uploaded, you will be able to add them to an ad group by following the below steps. 

  1.  Before starting, you will need to reach out to your account manager or support center for assistance in enabling your account to access first-party deals. The Choozle team will need to enable access as well as import any deal ids for you. 
  2. Add a New Ad Group
  3. Define your ad group name, goals, budgets, and bids. However, you will likely want to revisit your Base CPM bid and Max CPM bid based on the Private Marketplace contacts that you select. 
  4. Select a creative type. Private Marketplace inventory is available for display, video, audio, native, and connected TV. 
  5. Select your targeting parameters such as Geolocation and Custom Audience. We suggest that outside of geolocation and basic data targeting within a Custom Audience, do not layer additional targeting tactics (site, contextual targeting, etc.) over your private marketplace targeting. If you add more targeting tactics to your PMP-specific ad group, the reach and performance will be greatly impacted.
  6. Launch the Private Marketplace (PMP) search 
  7. Once you have launched the Private Marketplace (PMP) search, you will have the option to filter between third-party and first-party deals. 
  8. Once you have found your desired deals, you can click Add to add them to your 'Selected Deals'. You can add as many deals to an ad group as you’d like but keep in mind your base CPM bid will need to accommodate the floor price of all your selected deals. 
  9. Now that you've selected your PMP deals, you'll want tadjust your base CPM bid and max CPM bid to account for the floor price of your selected PMP deals. A floor price is a fixed CPM rate that the publisher sets that prevents advertisers from serving campaigns that pay below a certain price threshold. For first-party PMP deals, you'll want to set your base bid at or slightly above the floor price that was agreed upon. 
    1. Base CPM bid: Bid a minimum of $0.10 CPM above the price floor to ensure that you can participate in the auction for this inventory. 
    2. Max CPM bid:  Your max bid must be big enough to accommodate any bid modifiers for schedule, audience, etc. A high max bid will not help you enter PMPs with floor prices that exceed your base bid unless you use advanced settings, like scheduling or fold, that use a bid modifier.
    3. If you experience issues securing inventory, we recommend increasing your bid to at least a $1 CPM above the price floor. If you still don't have any luck securing inventory, we recommend increasing your bid further.