Custom Private Marketplace (PMP) - Overview Document



Combining the efficiency of real-time bidding and campaign management, a first-party private marketplace (PMP) allows marketers the ability to bring in deal IDs for inventory contracts that have been pre-established.

While most programmatic inventory can be purchased in open exchange auctions or via the PMPs in Choozle’s Deal Explorer, sometimes a specific site or app can’t be targeted using those methods. This often happens when a site or app holds very tight controls over which advertisers are seen within and alongside their content. Sharing your unique deal IDs with the Choozle team allows your ad group(s) to bid exclusively on specific inventory that meets the agreed terms with the publisher.

Private Marketplace Overview Document


Key Benefits

Marketers are tapping into private marketplaces for better control, transparency, and ad placements to achieve brand safety and viewability. Private marketplaces take the best aspects of traditional media buying and programmatic in invite-only, real-time bidding auctions that offer early access to premium ad inventory. In a private marketplace deal, you have more say over where ads appear and can rest assured inventory is coming from trusted publishers.

With Choozle, you can access a library of pre-negotiated, private marketplace deals. We work with a wide variety of publishers to create customized deals, with some publishers offering access to inventory within specific site sections, sub-sections, or creative formats. Available creative formats include display, video, audio, and connected TV. Our pre-negotiated library details where an ad placement appears on a page or app as well as the placement’s dimensions, price floor, and geographic availability.

In a private marketplace (PMP) deal, top publishers invite select digital media buyers to bid on premium ad inventory that’s unavailable on open ad exchanges. Often publishers can require a spending commitment and/or higher CPMs to create these custom PMP deals. Like the third-party PMPs that are visible in the Deal Explorer, first-party PMPs are premium inventory. These auctions have fewer bidders than open exchange auctions and even fewer buyers than third-party PMP auctions, meaning that win rates should be high.


How to Get Started

Custom PMP deals are a part of Choozle’s Supported Solutions and can be implemented with the help of our Account Management team. To access and set-up any custom PMP deals, please contact your Account Manager or our Support Team  for assistance and more information.