Device ID Onboarding & Targeting - Overview



In a mobile-driven world, marketers need to engage with mobile audiences with greater precision. Device ID targeting gives marketers a better way to leverage their first-party data and deliver an increasingly reliable and robust audience than when using cookie-based targeting.

Device ID Onboarding & Targeting Overview Document

Key Benefits

Device ID onboarding and targeting is a form of first-party data targeting that enables marketers to target individuals based on their mobile device ID. Similar to CRM onboarding, users can upload a list of device IDs to use within their target audiences almost immediately.

Choozle, in partnership with LiveRamp, allows you to bring in mobile audiences and create highly-targeted custom audiences. LiveRamp processes CRM records using a deterministic matching model and leveraging a user database of over 1 billion devices and 250 million unique users. This results in a high degree of confidence that user profiles in your custom audience are the unique individuals listed in your device ID list.

Unlike laptop and desktop devices, mobile devices are rarely shared by multiple users. The majority of the time, only the owner is using the mobile device. This means that the tracked device usage for a device ID usually correlates to a single person. The resulting usage profile is likely to be more accurate than it is for a desktop computer that may have two or more different people using it regularly.

Choozle only accepts software-based advertising device IDs as these can be disabled and/or reset by the consumer. The type of device IDs accepted are as followed:



What They Look Like 


Apple’s Identifier for Advertising on the iOS operating system 



Google’s Android Advertising ID



How to Get Started

Device ID targeting is part of Choozle’s Supported Solutions and can be implemented with the help of our Account Management team. To begin leveraging  device ID targeting, please contact your Account Manager or our Support Center team  for assistance and more information.