Click-through URL

Click-Tracking URLs are the URLs where the visitor lands on the advertiser's website following the click of an ad. These are also called ad clicks or requests. 

The click-through rate measures the number of times an ad is clicked against the number of times it's viewed.

There are several optional URL features to be set when establishing a campaign or ad group. When uploading creative assets, users will be prompted to fill in a Landing Page URL and a Click-through URL, with the option to add a Third-party Tracking URL. Providing this information enables Choozle to better track the results of your display and video campaigns:

  • Landing page URL: The URL of the destination page you want visitors to reach when they click on your ad. Its primary function is for scanning purposes and URL validation.  
  • Click-through URL: A URL that may be used to redirect a user who clicks on your ad to the landing page URL. These are often used for internal click tracking or analytics. If you do not have a Click-through URL copy and paste the landing page URL here as well. This is where we will send the a user/visitor to when they click on your ad.- the intended landing page.
  • Third-Party tracking URL: An optional URL provided by a third-party tracking service, often used to verify or audit impressions or clicks. Leave this blank if you are not using a third-party tracking service.