Click Creative Retargeting


Getting Started

Click Creative retargeting allows you to retarget users who have already clicked on your brand's creative assets in past or current campaigns.

Potential Reach

As user-profiles churn out after 60 days to ensure that retargeting pools stay accurate and up-to-date, the click retargeting pools will represent profiles that have engaged with your creative assets within the past 60 days. Since these retargeting tags will stay active in your account in case you use existing creatives in future campaigns, we recommend naming your creatives very distinctly and clearly so that you can easily understand which retargeting tags correspond to which creative assets. 

Please note that the Potential Reach as visualized on this tab increases in increments of 1,000 and will read as 0 until a creative has received 1,000 clicks.


Because these pools are often small and inventory competitive, including click retargeting while also retargeting any of your site visitors will allow you a broader potential reach, thereby also facilitating a lower media placement CPM. As with all retargeting campaigns, there is no data CPM associated with this tactic since this is considered first-party data, and only the media placement CPM will apply.

Building a Click Creative Retargeting Campaign

To build a click Creative retargeting campaign in Choozle, take the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Audiences > Click Retargeting.
  2. Click on the desired creatives' names and opt to Include them in the audience builder.
  3. Once all desired segments are included, click Save.