Brand Safety Targeting



Brand safety is the management of placements your advertising campaigns are shown to align with the brand's desired perception. Brand safety is the broad name for solutions that give marketers greater control over the context of where ads are running, so placements align with their brand's desired objectives.

Brand Safety & Fraud Prevention Overview Document

Brand safety commonly includes the avoidance of explicit materials, firearms, crime and violence, death and murder, illegal drugs, racist material, offensive words, terrorism, and tobacco products; and these broad categories of topics are included in the proactive measures applied at our network partner and by Choozle across all advertiser accounts. 

While Choozle has built standards and associated processes we proactively implement to provide universal viewability and brand safety of campaigns run through our system, your brand may have stricter objectives for either of these measures. Through several partners, campaigns can include additional targeting options for brand safety, language, location, suspicious activity filters, and viewability to align digital advertising placements' quality through a pre-bid implementation.

Brands may have their own additions to this list that are unique to their market, custom audience, or desired brand positioning, so Choozle offers brand safety solutions in an attempt to provide the highest amount of protection across your display and video media buys. These solutions act as contextual filters applied pre-bid to your display and video, as well as web and in-app ad placements in some applications. 

DoubleVerify and Integral Ad Science both provide brand safety solutions in the form of pre-bid lists enabled for your selected ad groups and limited the inventory bid on by your campaign. Both Integral Ad Science and DoubleVerify can be added to ad groups within your account strategist's campaign. Once applied to your ad group, the ad group will be charged an additional CPM for the service purchased, and the ad group will then only look for impressions that have been deemed brand safe.

Partner Name Display CPM Video CPM
DoubleVerify $0.10 $0.10
Integral Ad Science $0.10 $0.20

Key Benefits

Choozle and our network partners take precautionary steps to ensure the brand safety and viewability of your campaign's performance. For more information on the three steps taken to proactively improve your campaign's brand safety at no added cost, please refer to our Brand Safety and Fraud Preventative Efforts solution.

Our preventative efforts are based on industry benchmarks and standards. They cover a wide range of brand safety topics outlined above, but your brand may have safety constraints that exceed the universal terms covered through our efforts. For example, your brand's brand safety guidelines may include never falling on a webpage with certain lifestyle topics or even your competitor's name. While these preferences are a bit more personal to your brand and may not meet universal brand safety considerations, Choozle makes brand safety solutions available for marketers to tailor their advertising campaign's contextual placements according to those personal preferences.

As it applies to Fraud Prevention, our three-tier system still applies to CTV inventory. We look at bid and impression logs to ensure that there aren’t any anomalies that would indicate bad actors monitored by our Marketplace Quality team. 

For Brand Safety, pre-bid and post-bid viewability and brand safety solutions are not supported for CTV devices. Because CTV devices do not yet support VPAID tags, campaigns targeting these devices cannot use pre-bid or post-bid solutions. However, since CTV inventory leverages private marketplace deals, you can have the flexibility of selecting specific placements that fit your strategy.

How to Get Started

Brand Safety is a part of Choozle’s Supported Solutions and can be implemented with the help of our Account Management team. To unlock and access Brand Safety, please contact your Account Manager or our Growth Account Team  for assistance and more information. Please be mindful that this is a custom implementation on the back end, and the tactic will fall off if ad group is edited or cloned.