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Brand Lift Studies


What is a Brand Lift Study?

In order to understand the impact of your campaigns in a fragmented media landscape, you need actionable intelligence to assess the efficiency of each customer touchpoint. Brand lift studies help you measure the impact of your marketing campaigns on your brand awareness and insights into when a campaign is most and least impactful for consumers. There are several methods to measure brand lift and identify successful elements in your ad campaigns. Through partnerships with Nielsen, Kantar, and Lucid we are able to launch brand lift studies for Choozle campaigns. 

Key Benefits

  • Maximize return on advertising spend
  • Pinpoint exactly how campaigns are impacting your brand
  • Develop digital advertising benchmarks to improve performance over time

Brand Lift Study Providers:

Nielsen Brand Effect

Nielsen Digital Brand Effect is a leading brand advertising measurement and optimization solution that lets you evaluate campaign performance in real-time using brand-relevant metrics. 

Performance drivers such as creative, site or app, segment, frequency, placement, and viewability are also highlighted, allowing you to increase performance accountability by connecting your media plan around the same data and directly collaborating to maximize campaign impact.


  • $7,500 for Digital Brand Effect
  • $15K for Expanded View Lite
  • $21K for Expanded View Standard
  • Discounted rates for multiple studies

Kantar Brand Lift Insights

Kantar Brand Lift Insights uses a survey-based approach and control/exposed research design to measure the difference in attitudes between two groups of consumers to determine the effects of advertising exposure.

Kantar provides tags that are appended to your campaigns in order to know who has been exposed to your ads. They will then be notified when someone from their panel has seen the ad and will email them a survey. Through a process called “twinning”, Kantar will also email panelists with similar demographics who have not seen your ads the same survey. The results between those who have seen the ad (exposed) and the “twinning” (controlled) group will then be compared, providing a delta/brand lift between the two groups.


  • Brand Lift Insights Dashboard (up to 7 survey questions, dashboard deliverable): $12,000
  • Brand Lift Insights Dashboard Plus (up to 10 survey questions, Topline PPT report): $18,500
  • Standard Brand Lift Insights (up to 17 survey questions, full PPT report): $23,500

Additional costs:

  • Sample - depends on target audience
  • Long Campaign Fees (includes up to 12 weeks of tracking/recruiting) - $250 per additional week
  • Topline PowerPoint report - $4,000
  • Full PowerPoint report - $8,000

Kantar Brand Lift Insights example


Currently integrated with The Trade Desk (TTD), Lucid is a brand lift provider with over 250 panels and 2M daily respondents. With their integration, TTD will take care of creative tagging and all insights will flow directly through the platform, to allow for ease of management and mid-flight adjustments to gain increased performance.

  • Fee: $1.16 CPM
  • Channels: works on all existing TTD channels, including CTV
  • Requirements: there is a 4.5M impression threshold for US campaigns
    • This threshold is based on response rates to get at least 300 responses but does not guarantee statistical significance which varies heavily depending on market brand awareness and the amount of media being served outside Choozle

Additional Resources

  • https://choozle.com/docs/choozle-brand-lift