Bid Factoring

What is bid factoring?

Power decisioning logic at the user level—not the audience level—by targeting the precise user you want to reach. Bid Factoring in essence is your base bid + any bidding adjustments such as site list targeting.

What is expressive bidding?

It’s the way we put our platform to work. We don’t settle for stale bidding practices throughout a campaign. Instead, we optimize at every point possible to achieve dynamic, effective bidding that drives performance. Plus, everything that can be optimized is reported on within the Choozle platform.

Why should you use it?

Use bid factoring to win the impressions that matter most and deliver ads to the most relevant audience available.

Bid Factor Optimization
You define what’s important to you from a number of optimization tools:

  • Ad Format
  • Category
  • Fold
  • Frequency
  • Day of week/time of day
  • Geography 
  • Recency