The Web Insights Tool


Getting Started

The Web Insights tool in the Choozle platform acts as an aggregator for demographic and psychographic data points and allows you to view data trends of the profiles matched from web traffic. 

Once collected, user profiles from your website visitors are matched with user pools collected from our data partners. The profiles are aggregated to show results for more than 120 unique demographic, psychographic, consumer purchase, lifestyle and behavior characteristic modules in North America. 

These characteristics can be viewed by browsing or searching and include: 

  • Demographics
  • Purchase Behaviors
  • Lifestyle Segmentation
  • Media Consumption
  • Financials and Predictors
  • B2B

Presented in a visually appealing interface via the platform, all insights are anonymous and aggregated, thus completely privacy compliant. For more information, please view our Privacy Policy.

Data collection will begin immediately upon proper implementation of the Choozle Smart Container Tag. Initial data should be available for review 4 to 7 days after the date the Smart Container Tag has been placed, contingent on web traffic volume.  We recommend reviewing these data points after the Smart Container Tag has been placed for one week. With the Smart Container placed and desired pages added with Insights enabled under Manage My Sites, profiles begin to collect. Those cookie profiles are matched based on hundreds of data points and are then aggregated and anonymously placed into the charts in Insights, where they visualize. The data is on a rolling 30-day lookback window, and there is no historical data, so it is recommended that users export reports every month if they want historical data.

If you do not see any data within 4 to 7 days, there may be an issue with the Smart Container Tag placement, in which case we suggest you submit a support ticket. If you use Google Tag Manager or you need assistance implementing the Smart Container Tag please submit a support ticket.

You can select your favorite data points and build a custom dashboard to monitor your website traffic, or browse or search among multiple data categories to find new potential audiences for your web traffic. Favorite up to 20 charts by staring them, which will move them to the main Insights page and make them printable on the PDF reports. Segments' reaches show the actual count of site visitors who fall into a segment, while the potential reaches show the potential reach of a corresponding data segment from the data catalog, showing by how much an audience could be extended.

Please note that Web Insights is currently ONLY available in the following countries: the United States and Canada.

Use Cases, Applications, and Benefits

  • A publisher who serves clients' ads to their own retargeting audience leverages Insights to show prospects and clients the quality and characteristics of their site visitors, who become the target audience for the prospects' or clients' campaigns.
  • A public health initiative enabled Insights to understand what types of people were engaging in the content and to make sure that they were reaching their intended audiences.
  • A cruise line used Insights to inform a lookalike audience off of call and quote requesters.
  • Access hundreds of behavioral and demographic behavioral points about your site traffic to gain a deeper understanding and a more holistic picture of who they are.
  • Segment Insights for different pages or sections of your website to see how visitors to those different pages or sections are unique, for more accurate targeting to those specific users.
  • Leverage Insights to inform a lookalike audience based on your site traffic.

Available Web Insights Data

Purchase Behaviors
  • Gender 
  • Age Children in HH 
  • Marital Status 
  • Education Level 
  • Median Home Value 
  • Household Income
  • Employment Status 
  • Geo Location US State 
  • Politics & Society 
  • Age Brackets 
  • Age Lifestages 
  • Education 
  • Children in Household 
  • Age of Children in Household 
  • Gender of Children in Household 
  • Number of Children in Household 
  • Family Composition 
  • Family Position 
  • Household Size 
  • Housing Attributes 
  • Length of Residence 
  • Property Type 
  • Language 
  • Military Status
  • Autos - Classes 
  • Autos - Condition 
  • Auto Makes 
  • Auto Models In-Market 
  • Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) 
  • In-Market Health & Beauty 
  • In-Market Household Supplies 
  • In-Market Education
  • In-Market Education Types 
  • In-Market Education Level 
  • In-Market Other Vehicles 
  • In-Market Real Estate 
  • In-Market Automotive 
  • In-Market Babies & Kids 
  • In-Market Business & Office 
  • In-Market Cell Phones & Plans 
  • In-Market Cell Phone Providers 
  • In-Market Clothing, Shoes & Accessories 
  • In-Market Clothing Category 
  • In-Market Clothing Type 
  • In-Market Footwear Category 
  • In-Market Footwear Type 
  • In-Market Jewelry & Watches Category 
  • In-Market Computers 
  • In-Market Computer Software 
  • In-Market Electronics 
  • In-Market Entertainment 
  • In-Market Hobbies, Games & Toys 
  • In-Market Home & Garden 
  • In-Market Home & Indoors 
  • In-Market Home & Outdoors 
  • In-Market Sports Equipment & Outdoor Gear 
  • In-Market Video Games 
  • In-Market Services 
  • In-Market Restaurants 
  • In-Market Travel Advanced Booking 
  • In-Market Travel Classes 
  • In-Market Travel Days of Departure 
  • In-Market Travel Departure Locations 
  • In-Market Travel Destination Locations 
  • In-Market Travel Length of Trip 
  • In-Market Travel Number of Adults 
  • In-Market Travel Trip Type 
  • In-Market Car Rentals Length of Rental 
  • In-Market Hotel Advanced Booking 
  • In-Market Hotel By Number of Adults 
  • In-Market Hotel By Length of Stay 
  • In-Market Hotel By Location 
  • In-Market Hotel By Types 
  • In-Market Hotel By Number of Rooms 
  • In-Market Hotel By Star Ratings 
  • Past Purchases Auto Classes 
  • Past Purchases Auto Makes 
  • Past Purchases Baby Care 
  • Past Purchases Baby Care Brands 
  • Past Purchases Food & Beverages Brands 
  • Past Purchases Health & Beauty Brands 
  • Past Purchases Household Supplies Brands 
  • Past Purchases Pet Supply Brands 
  • Past Purchases Food & Beverages 
  • Past Purchases Special Types 
  • Past Purchases Health & Beauty 
  • Past Purchases Household Supplies 
  • Past Purchases Pet Supplies 
  • Education 
  • Insurance 
  • Loans
  • Retirement & Investing 
  • Other Vehicles 
  • Auto Parts 
  • Babies & Kids 
  • Business 
  • Cell Phones Providers 
  • Clothing, Shoes & Accessories 
  • Computers 
  • Electronics 
  • Activity & Event 
  • Tickets 
  • Books & Magazines 
  • Entertainment 
  • Hobbies, Games & Toys 
  • Home & Garden 
  • Home & Garden Indoors 
  • Home & Garden Outdoors 
  • Sports Equipment & Outdoor Gear 
  • Video Games 
  • Services 
  • Restaurants 
  • Travel Locations 
  • Travel Products 
  • Travel Types 
  • Predictors Auto Classes 
  • Predictors Auto Condition 
  • Predictors Auto Makes 
  • Predictors Retail 
  • Predictors Travel Type 
  • Predictors Travel by Departure Locations 
  • Predictors Air Travel by Type
  • Categories 
  • Animals 
  • Events & Attractions 
  • Arts & Entertainment 
  • Film & Media Consumption 
  • Music 
  • Pop Culture 
  • Reading 
  • Auto Enthusiasts 
  • Auto Classes 
  • Auto Condition 
  • Auto Models 
  • Auto Makes 
  • Business & Finance 
  • Education 
  • Food & Drink 
  • Restaurants 
  • Health, Beauty & Style 
  • Hobbies, Games & Toys 
  • Home & Garden 
  • Internet & Online Activities 
  • News & Current Events 
  • Other Vehicles 
  • Parenting & Family 
  • Charities & Non-Profits 
  • Politics & Society 
  • Science & Humanities 
  • Shopping 
  • Recreation 
  • Sports 
  • Travel Departure Locations 
  • Travel Destination Locations 
  • Travel Products 
  • Travel Types
  • Video Game Genres 
  • Video Game Platforms


Media Consumption
  • Browser Type 
  • Operating System By Language 
  • Operating System by Type 
  • Device Type 
  • Internet Service Provider (ISP) 
  • Connection Type 
  • Internet Service Provider (ISP) Network 
  • Television Genres 
  • Television Channels 
  • Television Shows 
  • Audio & Visual Computer Brands 
  • Cell Phones & Plans 
  • Cell Phones Providers Computers
  • Financial Attributes 
  • Estimated Household 
  • Income 
  • Estimated Net Worth 
  • Estimated Number of Housing Investments Owned 
  • Financial Products & Services 
  • Used Financial Products & Services 
  • Personal Finance Services 
  • Credit Cards Types
  • B2B Events 
  • Classes 
  • Company Age 
  • Company Past Purchases - Technology 
  • Company Size 
  • Employment Status Groups 
  • Decision Makers 
  • Industries & Occupations 
  • Agriculture & Natural Resources 
  • Occupations Arts, Entertainment & Media 
  • Occupations Building & Grounds Maintenance 
  • Occupations Business & Finance 
  • Occupations Community & Social Services 
  • Occupations Computer & Mathematical 
  • Occupations Construction & Architecture 
  • Occupations Education 
  • Occupations Government 
  • Occupations Health Care 
  • Occupations Hospitality & Food Services 
  • Occupations Legal 
  • Occupations Office Administration & Support 
  • Occupations Personal & Consumer Services 
  • Occupations Production & Manufacturing 
  • Occupations Sales Occupations Science & Engineering 
  • Occupations Telecommunications 
  • Occupations Transportation & Logistics 
  • Occupations Utilities 
  • Occupations Roles Sales Volume

Organizing Your Web Insights

  1. Insights will show a cross-device view of your website traffic in a single, aggregated view.  If you want to view a cross section for a particular site simply select the Show Data option in drop-down menu: 

  1. You do have options to further sort the data in Web Insights. You can utilize the Manage My Sites feature to get a more granular view of your website's insights. By adding additional sites to Manage My Sites, the operator will have the ability to see the insights of different pages (i.e., your homepage, your shopping cart, and the completed transaction pages). 
    • If a site is enabled, you will be able to see how the demographics, purchase behaviors, and other characteristics of that website traffic change based on the different pages of user pools on your website (e.g., how all of your website traffic compare to people who reach a checkout confirmation page).

    • You can also use the pools of user profiles created by this taxonomy of your website traffic as layers to your custom audiences, just as you would build a retargeting audience (i.e., you can retarget to anyone who came to your website but "exclude" individuals who reached the checkout page of your website).

Web Insights Reporting

Once your insights have begun populating, you can create a PDF and save a report of your Web Insights overview. Saving this will allow you to see the hard counts of the visitors of your favorited data segments. The PDF Report button can be found in the upper right corner of the screen.

Additional Features

    Selecting Favorites

    • Click the star on any of the category charts to "favorite" the chart. Favorited charts will appear here on your Overview page.