Managing Your Data Package



Getting Started

Web Insights are a powerful tool that visualize your website traffic across thousands of data points, including demographic characteristics, financial information, in-market predictors, and more. Adding a Data Package to your advertiser account grants you access to this robust data and opens up our direct in-platform CRM Onboarding feature. 

CRM targeting or account-based marketing allows you to directly target a pool of users matched via their email address, enabling marketers to get their ads in front of users who have already demonstrated an interest in a service or product.


Web Insights is currently only available to accounts created in the North American region. CRM Onboarding is currently only available in North America and the United Kingdom.


Data Package Costs

Data packages are enabled per advertiser account and charged a recurring monthly fee.

The data package unlocks your ability to gather web insights AND CRM onboarding. Pricing will vary if you exclusively use one feature. 

If you are only using Web Insights, once a Data Package is enabled, the advertiser account will incur a $200 charge immediately and $200 upon renewal on the first of each month thereafter, until the Data Package is disabled. With a Data Package, you receive unlimited Web Insights

If you are only using CRM onboarding, you’ll be charged $1 CPM against all CRM records uploaded each month. 

By uploading data, you acknowledge you have the right to utilize the data, and for this express purpose. You're authorizing that you have explicit opt-in privileges to use these audiences and include any and all opt-out options within your website's privacy policy.

Enabling Web Insights

  1. If you haven't enabled a Data Package, you will see the following on the Web Insights dashboard:

  2. Clicking on the Manage My Sites / CRM Data button will direct you to Manage My Sites, which can also be accessed from the Audiences tool and selecting the globe icon in the sub-navigation bar.

  3. Select the Edit button on the row of the desired site.

  4. Toggle the switch to enable Web Insights on a given site.

Disabling a Data Package

  1. Please make sure to download a report of the data you have collected using the blue PDF button on the Web Insights dashboard before you downgrade your account.

  2. To disable your Data Package at any time, click Disable Data Package, found on the Manage My Sites section of the Audiences tool. Manage My Sites can be found by selecting the globe icon in the sub-navigation bar of the Audiences tool.

  3. To disable Web Insights for a specific site, select Edit in the row of the desired site and toggle the blue switch off.

  4. To remove a CRM list from your account, navigate to the Manage My Sites section of the Audiences tool by selecting the globe icon in the sub-navigation bar, and then select the Archive button in the row of the desired list.