BETA: CRM Direct-to-LiveRamp

Thank you for participating in our beta test opportunity for our new direct-to-LiveRamp integration. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

At this point, your LiveRamp account has been created by the Choozle team. Follow the steps below to get started. 

You will receive a few emails from LiveRamp, which may come a few minutes apart. You should wait until you have received both emails to get started. 

  1. Claim your LiveRamp account: You should receive an email from LiveRamp with a link to set up your password. This is a one-time link that expires in 24 hours. 
    LiveRamp - Password Setup Email
  2. Reset your password.
  3. After resetting your password, you should be logged in directly to your LiveRamp account.
  4. Navigate to your email and open the second email, “Liveramp SFTP Password Change.”
  5. Use the link provided to set your SFTP password. This link also expires in 24 hours. You may opt not to use the SFTP upload functionality, but Choozle wants to ensure you have access should you be interested in uploading your data that way.LiveRamp - FTP Password Change
  6. Now that both passwords have been set, navigate back to your LiveRamp account to set up an audience.  
  7. On the left side menu, Click “Audiences”. Click the “+New Audience” button.
    Note:  An audience is a way to group your users within LiveRamp; sometimes, you only need one audience. Learn more here.
  8. Name your audience and select the PII device type. Click “Create Audience”. Your audience should appear upon saving. 
  9. On the left side menu, click “File Upload”.
  10. In the dropdown, select the audience you just created. The option to upload files will appear. Use this template to upload your data. 
  11. Upload your file.
    LiveRamp File Upload
  12. When the list is ready, the audience will be available in the Choozle data catalog under the CRM list section for use on any Ad Group (typically 48-hour turnaround time).

Additional LiveRamp Documentation:

Upload a File Via Connect

Upload a File Via LiveRamp SFTP

File Specifications & Requirements


User Management

With the direct integration from Choozle to LiveRamp, you can invite other users who may require access directly to your LiveRamp Account. 

  • In LiveRamp, on the left side menu, click "Company Settings". You can add or delete users and update their access level from here.