Ad Verification


Getting Started

We at Choozle care about making digital advertising safer for advertisers and for publishers. That's why we verify all creative assets uploaded to the Choozle platform before pushing them to ad servers. By doing so, not only can we manage and eliminate digital risks, but we can also support the industry-wide effort to weed out bad actors and reduce digital ad fraud.

What's Digital Ad Fraud?

There's more than one kind of digital ad fraud. In this context, we're referring to the dynamic creative assets, like HTML5, where the ad tag can be modified elsewhere after it’s uploaded to our platform.

How the Ad Vetting Process Works

Our platform uses ad verification tools from RiskIQ and The Media Trust to verify creative assets coming into the Choozle platform.

RiskIQ offers anti-malvertising solutions. Through their API, RiskIQ automatically sends alerts as soon as the system identifies a new or emerging threat.

Similarly, The Media Trust offers online ad verification to manage and eliminate digital risks.